Biennale 2010 Conference

In examining the transformation of our everyday environments the conference is in search for potentials of digital media in architecture and urban space. Here Public Space is the main field, where the tactics of many are negotiated to form a new urban practice.

Tactics are driven by energy distribution and consumption, macro- and micro scale mediatization as well as commercialization of awareness, and the upcoming fusion of digital and green technologies; to name but the most intensive contemporary forces.

This year’s conference provides a forum to discuss those forces as manifold potentials for media architecture and media urbanism to contribute to the emergence of a new urban practice.

Oliver Schürer (curator conference and workshops)


The keynote lectures are dedicated to the complex networks of dependencies between public, global, urban, architectural, and private that relates to urban public space. Internationally renowned experts will present their visions on the future of public spaces, regarding digital media as means and objectives to sustainability, globalization, aesthetics, and the construction of the new.

Thu, Oct 7 18:30-19:30
Kas Oosterhuis
ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] bv, the Netherlands

Fri, Oct 8 9:30-10:30
Ludger Hovestadt
Prof. of CAAD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Fri, Oct 8 16:30-17:30
Maria Aiolova
Terreform ONE + Terrefuge, USA

Sat, Oct 9 9:30-10:30
Marco Poletto
ecoLogicStudio, UK


N.E.O. – New Esthetic Order
P.U.S.H. – Public Urban Space Hub
M.U.S.E. – Media Urbanism, Smart & Green City, Environmental Sustainability
Co.Co.On. – Construction, Content, Social Online-Interaction
C.O.P.E. – Catwalk of Project Excellence

Conference Reader

The Media Architecture Biennale Conferance Reader 2010 can be accessed here.

Final Discussion:

Chairs of all Sessions will interweave discussion threads to a revised media architecture agenda.

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