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Call for outstanding Media Architecture

Media Architecture Award: We are pleased to announce the first call of the Media Architecture Biennale awards for outstanding projects at the intersection of architecture, media and interaction design. Projects can be submitted for consideration for the award by the project team itself or it can be nominated by outsiders. Please refer to the details below. Media Architecture Biennale Exhibition: Please submit your project for consideration for the exhibition by following the guidelines below. The submission form for the exhibition and the award is the same. Please refer to the details below. Download Submission Form Award and Exhibition categories: You may submit your project in one or two of the following categories: Animated Architecture Projects demonstrating creative media facades solutions. Facades of buildings are increasingly animated by integrated light sources. Designers are focusing more and more on the perception of the building. The flexibility of content is rather limited due to resolution, colour and shape of the pixels. In most cases the pixels are highly customised and present a creative challenge to the project. Money Architecture Projects incorporating buildings that are closely related to business, banks, shopping centres, entertainment and gambling. Lighting on building surfaces might be designed to attract people and encourage spending, or to represent the power of the institution, as in the case of banks for example. Participatory Architecture Projects mostly developed by media designers that allow passers-by to interact with and take control of the content on the surface. Many projects are non-permanent and built on a pre-existing architectural structure. New media formats that take advantage of mobile apps and social media are being developed. Spatial Media Art Projects produced in an artistic context at the intersection of architecture and media art. Mostly non-permanent movable installations with an innovative form of spatial interaction and/or perception of space. Future Trends and Prototypes This sections covers special solutions like three-dimensional displays, kinetic facades, OLEDs or even robotic elements that could shed light on what future media architectures might look like. What is considered Media Architecture? Please have a look at the MAB10 catalog for a detailed definition of “Media Architecture” and numerous “Media Architecture” examples. http://issuu.com/jeff.lee/docs/katalog_mab2010/3 Please note that the area of Media Architecture is dynamically evolving and therefore not easy to define. Media Architecture is made up by the people who are active in the field and by the innovative and ground-breaking projects they are producing. So, finally, it is also up to you and other participants to establish the directions in which we are heading. It could be that your project is opening up new perspectives and defining new benchmarks. Who may submit? Everyone who has played a substantial role in the submitted project, including:
  • architects
  • designers and experts in:
    • media
    • lighting
    • interaction
    • social engagement
  • experts from industry
  • experts from academia
  •  ….
Submitting a project for either award or exhibition: Please fill out the form, answering as many questions as possible. Leave blank any that are unclear. Thank you.
  • fill in the fields
  • submit at least 3 photos for which you own the copyrights
  • submit a web link for additional information
  • Send us the fax at the end of the form (or a scan and submit per mail)
Please use Adobe Reader! (“Preview” on Macs is NOT recommended). We are aware that many Media Architecture projects are being realised by large teams of professionals. For this reason we do not expect you to provide exhaustive information on your project as we recognise there might be some aspects that you do not know about. A field at the end of the form is provided for details of others who could give us further information about the submitted project. Nominating a project:
 Works can be nominated for prize consideration in the individual competition categories until 3rd October 2012. Nominations are recommendations; thus, nominated projects are not automatically entered into the competition. The nominated projects will be contacted by the organizer before the jury convenes. Please nominate by sending an email to exhibition@mediaarchitecture.org prior to the submission deadline. Who will win the award? Individuals do not win the prize – the project as a whole is awarded. Those involved in the project will be invited to take part in the awards ceremony. Awards Ceremony
 The awards presentation will take place during the Media Architecture Biennale 2012 November 15-17, 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark
. Winners are requested to make a commitment to accepting their awards in person. Groups and institutions are requested to nominate a representative to fulfill this commitment. Jury The jury will be made up of the Biennale organising committee plus two or three invited other experts in the area of Media Architecture. The jury will evaluate the projects according to the following criteria:
  • aesthetic qualities
  • innovative elements
  • technical challenges mastered
  • integration of different project components e.g. architecture, display and content
Feedback You have the chance to be among the first being awarded for outstanding Media Architecture projects. Please note, we value your feedback and experiences, which will be helpful for implementing any improvements to this process: please direct this to exhibition@mediaarchitecture.org Deadlines Submission deadline: 3rd October 2012   Exhibition and Awards Curators Morten Constantin Lervig, CAVI – Aarhus University Gernot Tscherteu, Media Architecture Institute Contact: exhibition@mediaarchitecture.org Download Submission Form

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