Biennale 2010 Workshops

Specific topics tackled in conference sessions are elaborated in deep by workshop tracks. The audience as well as conference speakers are invited by workshop hosts to attend certain tracks. Individual workshops are organized in a round table format. Workshop hosts and impulse speakers provide in deep information. Attendees contribute their questions, knowledge, and experiences to an open discussion in order to enhance their expertise in the area.

Workshops are run in parallel tracks four each day on Friday and Saturday.

Workshop Tracks:

Fri, Oct 8 13:30-16:00

1 – The Making Of Yas Hotel (Asymptote Architecture): Stephan Wittekind, Traxon Technologies & Jan Julius Miebach, Traxon Technologies | e:cue

2 – Planner, Carrier and User of Media Architecture: Martina Eberle, horao Switzerland

3 – Visualisation, Sensing, Simulation: Dietmar Offenhuber, SENSEable City Laboratory MIT

4 – Research and Technology of Media Architecture and Media Facades: Oliver Schürer, Gernot Tscherteu, Media Architecture Institute, Austria

Sat, Oct 9 13:30-16:00

5 – Content Development Strategies for Media Facades: Sebastian Oschatz

6 – Global Energy – Green Media Architecture & Urbanism: Vera Bühlmann, ETH Zurich

7 – Screening Urban Spaces: Martin Tomitsch, Design Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, University of Sydney

8 – 3D-Displays – Hank Häusler, UrbanAid: University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Posted: August 26, 2010 at 2:35 pm by Gernot Tscherteu