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Force Field, London

forcefield_62-e1312490900658 Force Field is the dynamic light installation Rogier van der Heide created with his students for the Gallery space Phase 2 in London. The work was developed in collaboration with Arup staff and with students from the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. The installation consists of 64 inter-dependent luminous rods forming a wave of changing colour. The installation mimics the forces and energies that flow through a building and acts like a magnetic field. A sensor allows the visitor to change the colour or to scan an Oyster card to create a personalised light show. The result is a compelling walk-through environment of inspring you with 16 million colour variations. forcefield_4-e1312492935515 forcefield_51-e1312493276213 Credits:
concept: Rogier van der Heide
project team: Rogier van der Heide, Salomé Galjaard, Alexandra van Tintelen, and students of the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam
interaction idea: Duncan Wilson
interaction execution:
curator of Phase 2: Jennifer Greitschus

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