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Living Sculpture – Winner MAB12

5 Kinetic installation with 864 OLEDS – LivingSculpture was created by WHITEvoid as a kinetic centre piece for the PHILIPS trade fair stand at the Light+Building trade fair 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. The installation is composed of 24 movable triangular aluminium frames carrying 864 ultra thin glass OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) altogether. The 36 OLEDs on each of the 24 triangular bases form a larger triangle and the final form is created by superimposed triangles. Even when it is not moving, the 5 by 6 meter kinetic installation is impressive. However it really draws attention to itself when the 24 triangles are set in motion and more than 860 OLEDs light up the room.

0 The smallest shape in the installation is made by triangular OLEDs, and this is reflected in the overall form of the installation. The OLEDs are mounted on each frame held in place by almost invisible metal clamps that also transfer the power. This specifically developed mechanism makes any traditional socket or direct cabling obsolete. Each triangular frame is then attached to 3 cable winch systems. 24 of these movable frames form the hexagonal arrangement of the installation with a diameter of 6 meter. Computer-controlled winches allow breathtaking spectacles to be created that quickly draw an audience, for example in a large company’s reception area or in an airport terminal.

3 4 Credits:WHITEvoid interactive art & design – Concept
PHILIPS technology GmbH, Aachen – OLED Hardware
PHILIPS technology GmbH – Project Owner

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