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Pixel Sonne – Taming Sunlight

Sunlight and new media are fascinating! Let’s redirect and pixelate natural light! Pixel Sonne integrates the unchangeable dynamic and ephemeral beauty of sunlight to form a media fa├žade.

It is a responsive yet subtle medium that uses the universal language of natural light to spark communication amongst people. Pixel Sonne is based on high-tech devices but evokes a feeling of only slightly touching digital aspects.

The concept Pixel Sonne is about combining natural conditions of public spaces and today’s technologies. This is a way of taming natural light up to a certain extent. The ingredients are: The Sun / People / Mirrors / Microcontrollers / DC Motors / Sensors / Photovoltaics / Internet / Smart Phones

By/via: Johann Gielen (Lighting Designer / Urban Planner)

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