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Announcing Media Architecture Biennale 2012

Exhibition and Awards: The call is open – see here for submission details. Conference: The call for papers is closed.

Building on the successful event in Vienna 2010, The Media Architecture Biennale 2012 brings together artists, academia and industry in the continued exploration of the meeting between architecture and digital media.

With public exhibitions, a conference and a series of workshops, the biennale offers many ways to participate and get involved. See the sections below for more details.

The 2012 biennale will extend the existing format with an academic conference track, new exhibition, awards and industry sessions, as well as a full day of workshops.

The exhibition presents state-of-the-art media architecture in a collaboration between artists, practitioners and industry, both in-situ and in documented forms.

At the conference, we explore “participation” as a core value of media architecture (other topics are welcome as well!). The conference invites both academic and industry presentations. We are currently seeking a publishing agreement with ACM for the academic proceedings.

The workshops offer an intimate forum to discuss or even work on a specific topic or technology with your peers.

The Biennale itself is also organized in the spirit of participation as we invite and support dialog and exchanges between artists, researchers and industry.

Come and join us!

MAB 2012 Website

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