Date: May 19, 2024

Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008

Myths and Potentials of Media Architecture and Urban Screens

The MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL BERLIN 2008 is an innovative project, engaging a wide range of stakeholders with distinctive interests in the public space. Through round tables, a workshop, panel sessions, lectures, urban screenings on media facades and an architecture exhibition the event will promote a multi-disciplinary action research approach to technology, architecture and media art in modern cities.

Discussion at the Art Forum Berlin: 1. 11.2008, 15:00

“Der öffentliche Blick – Architektur als Ort der Kunst und Medien” (Panel in German) mit Gerd Henrich, (Ströer Megaposter), Constanze Kleiner, (Temporäre Kunsthalle), Alexander Stublić, (Künstler), János Can Togay, (Collegium Hungaricum Berlin), Moderation: Mirjam Struppek. Location: Talklounge, Palais am Funkturm, Obergeschoß

Exhibition: 16.10.2008 – 12.12.2008

Opening hours:.............Tues–Fri, 12:00–19:00 / Sat–Sun, 14:00–19:00 Location:.......................Deutsches Architektur Zentrum – Köpenicker Str. 48/49

Urban Screenings: 17.10.-03.11.2008:

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB), Dorotheenstr. 12 – please download the detailed new_CHB_program. (no screenings on 3.Nov) SAP, Rosenthaler Str. 30 – daily screenings after sunset of “Moving Memories” at even days and “Animare” at uneven days, “Cities Tango” at 25/26 October. Gasometer Schöneberg, Torgauer Str. – daily screenings of all projects after sunset O2 World, Mühlenstr. 12-30 – daily screenings of all projects between 20.15-20.30

Conference: 17-18. October 2008

Location: Deutsches Architektur Zentrum – Köpenicker Str. 48/49

Exhibition at the German Architecture Centre (DAZ)

This exhibition will explore the integration of moving images into the building facade as a communicative element, and its effect on Urban Space. A selection of innovative projects that have been realized in various cities will demonstrate possible connections between architecture and screens and highlight different artistic and architectural strategies. Practical technical information will give architects a deeper insight into the challenges and possibilities of utilizing new media in architecture.

Conference at the DAZ

The symposium will foster face-to-face contact and deepen the theoretical background of the issues addressed in the exhibition and workshop. Topics such as the following could be addressed:

  • The sustainable integration of digital moving images in the urban architectural landscape
  • The changing perception of architecture and public space in the digital age
  • Relationships between developments in technology, site specificity and new content
  • Interactive design and networking tools for the communication with citizens
  • Achieving a balance between commercial, communal and cultural interests

Urban Screenings on Four Media Facades in Berlin

Media facades are a new kind of exhibition format. Media artists and interaction designer will gain temporary use of four media facades and one interactive city terminal in Berlin and explore their cultural, political and social roles. These screenings serve as a demonstrative test platform for the public. They invite a wider audience to gain hands-on experience in this special connection of content, format, and site-specificity, and to take part in a new interactive infrastructure.

An Expert and Artist Workshop at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

We initiated the process with a 3-day workshop with the 20 media-creatives selected through a call for participation. The objective of the workshop is for each participant to produce a piece for one of the 5 selected media facades. The first day consists of introductory lectures and discussions. The second day is scheduled for site visites and exchange within the group together with the screen operators at the location of each screen. The third day will be reserved for further discussion among the participants and organisers.

Round Table

Public Round Table meetings of the Urban Screens Network Berlin accompany the festival. This expert-network attempts to develop a sustainable concept for a long-term cultural program on urban screens in Berlin. Discussions will take place during important key events in Berlin such as the des Art Directors Club, the Medienwoche (Mediaweek) and the Art Forum Berlin.


A detailed publication documenting the festival (Conference, Urban Screenings, Exhibition) will be produced to guide the further development in the field.

Action Research Process and Timeline