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Origin, NY City

mg_0639 Origin is the latest development in UVA’s exploration of large-scale responsive LED sculpture. As part of The Creators Project New York event, UVA have created Origin, a responsive installation meant to explore our society’s acceptance of a technocratic life form. Hedged between the two Bridges on Brooklyn’s shore, a 10m x 10m cube of light both disrupts and reflects the City, eliciting an emotional reaction from those that enter its realm. Origin is the culmination of a series of works derived from Orchestrion, the main stage design created by UVA for Coachella 2011. Origin is the product of a collaboration between United Visual Artists and Scanner, who composed the score.

uva_origin_1604 uva_origin_3053 uva_origin_6323 Credits: Commissioned by The Creators Project, 2011 Score by Scanner; Additional audio programming: Henrik Ekeus and Dave Meckin; Produced by Keri Elmsly; Photographs by James Medcraft; Photograph No 01 by: Bryan Derballa

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