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Workshop on interactive city lighting

Interactive city lighting

The workshop on interactive city lighting held at the international conference on human factors in computing systems (CHI) in Paris aims at exploring the topic form various perspectives. The workshop goal is to bring together a community of researchers, designer and practitioners to better understand the capabilities, contexts of use and possibilities for user participation of this emerging technology. Selected contributions will be invited to present and share their approach with the community. The workshop aims to: identify key opportunities for new forms of interactive lighting systems in urban context, explore interaction paradigms that can be (re-) used for interactive urban lighting, and examine adequate ways of prototyping and evaluating interactive lighting systems.

The organisers of the workshop invite to submit case studies, explorations and research work that stands in close connection with the proposed topic. In sharing different approaches the aim is to spark interesting discussions and hands on prototyping exercises to explore the context by working it through in a practical manner.

For more information visit the interactive city lighting.

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