Media Facades

Taishin Bank Tower, Teipeh

Taishin_5_LG (Custom).jpg

The majestic Taishin Bank Tower stands approximately 400 feet (120 meters) tall with an elegant architectural design that’s become a new urban landmark in the city of Taipei. Conceived by the renowned architecture firm of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the tower’s curvilinear shape mimics that of nearby Jenai Circle, which inspired a uniquely dynamic lighting design by Fisher Marantz Stone (FMS).


National Library, Belarus


The National Library of Belarus, an architectural diamond, is lit at night in stunning fashion by 4646 color-changing RGB LED fixtures.

In 2006, Minsk received a new architectural symbol – a brand new building to house the National Library of Belarus. The twenty-three storey library is designed in the form of a rhombicuboctahedron (diamond) and symbolizes the enormous value of knowledge that mankind has stored in books.


Aspire Tower, Qatar


Aspire Tower is a national icon for Qatar, the tallest building in the country and is specifically associated with the National Centre of Sports Excellence in the Middle East. The building was to be completed within 15 months for the Asian Games of 2006, and thereafter a focus for events in the sports complex and national celebrations. The lighting had to be very flexible allowing the tower to convey moods and dynamics relating to specific events. Challenges: vast height of the building (300metres); requirements for visibility at considerable distance from the tower; integration with the mesh façade; climatic conditions; very tight timescale. KSLD’s early practical approach allowed the design to develop rapidly so orders could be placed.


Takarazuka University Of Art And Design, Osaka


The University seeks to foster creativity in various fields of study, provide students with professional art and design expertise, and make a lasting contribution to the industry and society at large. To help support this mission, the University unveiled a new satellite facility in Osaka in the spring of 2002, housing the University’s Division of Continuing Education. To best symbolize its focus on the marriage of traditional art and modern innovation, the approximately 200-foot high building makes use of the latest advancements in intelligent LED illumination from Color Kinetics Japan to distinguish its presence against the Osaka city skyline.


Rockefeller Center, New York


On the top-floor observation deck of the Rockefeller Center in New York, a unique, interactive space has been created with the use of intelligent LED lighting supplied by Color Kinetics. Cameras track individual visitors as they move within the space, and signal the LED fixtures to create a series of individual colors and patterns. Conceptualized by Electroland of Los Angeles, the Target Interactive Breezeway has intelligently controlled LED light fixtures on all its surfaces.


Chicago Millennium Park


A fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park features two giant LED-lit towers faced with LED displays.The fountain consists of two 50-foot-high glass-block towers facing each other across a shallow 232-foot-long reflecting pool.On three sides, the towers glow from within thanks to color-changing LED lighting fixtures – approximately 70 units per tower – supplied by Color Kinetics, while the fourth sides feature Barco LED display screens that face each other across the reflecting pool.